64 random thoughts while watching Episodes 1-3 of ‘Daredevil’ Season 2

At midnight last night, Netflix and Marvel released the second season of Daredevil. In the spirit of last year, I binged the first few episodes and wrote down my stream-of-conscious thoughts as I went along. Breaking from last year”s tradition, I probably won”t be doing any more of them.

Daredevil is still a good show. It”s just no longer a good show for me.

Episode One – “Bang”

Image Credit: Marvel/Netflix/EW

#1: Last time, on “Childhood Trauma Leads To Superheroes”
#2: Watching a recap of an entire season”s worth of plot is weird. Binge-watching leads to another new change, this time to the “Previously On” formula.
#3: I hope this season they manage to stop using Asian actors as the monolithic, exotic enemy.
#4: The city”s most interesting water tower.
#5: Why is the lighting so green? What does green indicate when setting the tone? Help me, cinephiles. 
#6: What did Jesus do to deserve to be capped? 
#7: Pull it back Murdock, that was a supervillain smile.
#8: Are Foggy and Matt the best bromance since Turk and J.D. since “Scrubs”? Yes. Yes, they are.
#9: If “Daredevil” truly wants to show the hell that is NYC heat waves, they should descend into the swampy underbelly of the subway.
#10: Nothing suspicious about a well-dressed man standing alone on a street corner in the middle of the night.
#11: Animal abuse? Well, these men are all dead.
#12: Oh Lord, is the Irish mob gonna go to war with the Hand? Stereotypes, FIGHT!
#13: Are you serious with that ringtone right now?
#14: Karen has game. Respect the game. 
#15: It”s a desperate move when the Irish mob comes to a lawyer for protection.
#16: Wait, it”s called “Gang On Gang Overkill”? It”s called GOGO!
#17: Lol, the Dogs of Hell gang has a big sign announcing their clubhouse.
#18: This slaughterhouse seems really unsanitary. When was the last time the health inspector came through?
#19: Foggy might not have a superhero suit, but that kind of makes him even braver? These bikers know who he is. 
#20: My dad used to say you can get anywhere in life if you walk with purpose and carry a clipboard. In the case of Punisher, the clipboard is a sawed off shotgun I guess?
#21: I wonder if doing blood spit takes are fun or gross?
#22: Did…did Matt just try to catch a bullet?

Episode Two – “Dogs to a Gunfight”

Image Credit: Marvel/Netflix

#23: Foggy needs to invest in some short-sleeved work shirts before he dies of heat stroke trying to rescue his hetero-life partner.
#24: Superhero shows always gloss over the part where the injured hero gets back to their apartment without anyone seeing them.
#25: Still need to know Karen”s backstory. Passive waters run deep and dangerous.
#26: Don”t drink that water, Matt. Ew.
#27: Oh shit, Murdock just went full Helen Keller.
#28: If I”m ever in trouble, I want Foggy to be my lawyer.
#29: I dunno, KillDozer has a nice ring to it.
#30: Nice to see Shane getting work after that unfortunate incident with Rick. 
#31: A nazi pedophile? The writers are working overtime to make us be cool with Punisher”s methods. Besides, good job idiot. You killed him. You can't question the dead to figure out where the supplier is and save the kids.
#32: I”m sure the loss of hearing was a one time thing and definitely won”t reappear at the worst opportune moment.
#33: Did Melvin start working out?
#34: Maybe wait more than 10 seconds for the cops to clear the scene before you start wandering around…
#35: So is this recent blood or does someone have magic blood that doesn”t dry?
#36: Okay so the blood belonged to the dog…who has magic blood that doesn”t dry. Matt, you better adopt this dog.
#37: I”m actually really worried about the well-being of this scummy Irish mobster? 
#38: I already didn”t like Reyes but I hope Foggy throws the book at her. What the hell, lady!?
#39: Noooo, Irish mobster. Stay inside the crate! Bullet proof vests don”t protect your head. (Or stop Punisher bullets) apparently.
#40: I wish this fight between Daredevil and Punisher was using the “rain vision” from the Affleck movie.
#41: Two vigilantes fist-fighting while the cops rain down bullets is the most alpha thing ever.
#42: Foggy is such a soulmate to Matt he can TOTALLY tell that”s his blood.
#43: We are two episodes in and not a peep about the magic from last year? Ugh, go away Punisher. Bring back Madame Gao.

Episode Three – “New York”s Finest”

Image Credit: Marvel/Netflix/EW

#44: It”s a Dementor, run! 
#45: Wait no. It”s a nun…run!
#46: Okay look, Matt Murdock is probably my age, or a little bit older. Did nuns even look like that in the 80s?
#47: Daredevil is just freaking out because he forgot the safe word.
#48: Punch Reyes, Karen. Do it.
#49: After watching Jessica Jones, apparently it”s hard to go back to old-fashioned men having testosterone pissing contests.
#50: Yay! The return of Night Nurse!
#51: Punisher had better have left food for that dog.
#52: Awww, the boys are gonna bond over their Catholicism. 
#53: This psycho-analyzing scene is taking FOR-EVER.
#54: Soooo, Night Nurse is also helping Punisher?
#55: Hell yeah, Marines.
#56: Oh Lord, back to the “Should we kill bad guys?” fight. I”m…I”m bored.
#57: And here comes Karen with her Machiavellian schemes to reel me back in!
#58: Honestly? Foggy and Karen are the best parts of this show right now.
#59: Foggy is really coming into his own this season. Less Daredevil, more lawyering.
#60: My Irish mobster! Get away from him, Frank!
#61: Irish mobster, noooooOOOOO!
#62: If “Spongebob” taught me anything, it”s you never mess with a biker gang”s rides.
#63: This fight scene is cool as anything, but I think I”m just burnt out on anti-heroes.
#64: Annnnnnd, I lied. This will probably be the only “Random Thoughts” post for Daredevil Season 2. The show is good, but it”s not for me anymore. I was hoping to see more of the Hand and whatever mystical shenanigans they were trying to set off in Hell”s Kitchen. This “dudes punching and arguing shades of anti-hero” is feels very 2006, not 2016.