7 wicked dark clip arts Selena Gomez forgot to put in her gothic AMA performance

After a lengthy hiatus, Selena Gomez has returned. During the 2014 American Music Awards, she debuted her new song “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” The emotional ballad desperately tries to explain her attraction/addiction to a teen idol who is careening towards total career implosion at ludicrous speed.

In the tradition of young people everywhere experiencing the pain of the “break up, make up” cycle of first love, Gomez set her pain to a backdrop of overt symbolism. Her format? Clip art circa my 1997 goth Geocities website, apparently. But she must have just glanced over it, because she forgot a few key elements to any good visually representation of wallowing in existential agony no adult could ever grasp, much less relate to.

Sure she got the blood and roses and the angel wings, but what about these gems?

#1 – An understated dark fairy sitting in pensive repose under a full moon, contemplating the aimless agony that is life without True Love™.

#2 – This gothic Hello Kitty, representing the corruption of youthful endeavors, forever tainted by life cruelties.

#3 – A Ouija board with which to communicate with the spirits. Only the dead truly understand the trauma of being wrenched forever from the arms of your One True Love™.

#4 – This rendering of what it means to be “blessed” in a world devoid of love. But with a pentacle, not a pentagram because you aren”t a MONSTER.

#5 – A crescent moon converting into the unhinged smile of the Cheshire cat. After all, we”re all mad here.

#6 – A unicorn as dark, yet whimsical, as your soul.

#7 – And of course, Death. The great equalizer. We are all but stardust, represented by Blingee glitter.