8 things we can expect now that Kanye West is the creative director for ‘The Jetsons’

06.24.13 5 years ago

If you’re a pop culture connoisseur or a person with access to WiFi, you probably recall the Great Kanye West Twitter Rant of 2012. The tirade, which lasted for close to 24-hours, saw Kanye rambling on about metaphors in “The Matrix,” the repercussions he faced after the Taylor Swiftus interruptus incident, and his feelings about fashion. Somewhere in there, Kanye also happened to mention that he’d signed on to be the creative director for an upcoming movie based on “The Jetsons.”

And guess what? It looks like that “Jetson” thing is actually happening — at least according to a firsthand Pitchfork account that describes a phone call Kanye had with some Bigtime Hollywood Movie People. Here are 8 things we can probably expect from a Kanye-influenced  “Jetsons” remake.

1. Judy Jetson’s look needs to be updated! And who’s a better icon to emulate than Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose?

2. And while we’re at it, Judy needs a new name. How about “Up”?

3. You know, Judy/Up’s new look is really working for her. Which means that Rosie the maid should probably be modeled after the Svedka robot.

4. Cosmo Spacely? He’s voiced by Lil Wayne now.

5. Jane Jetson’s favorite store, Mooning Dales, is way too low-rent. From now on, the Jetson gals only shop at Bergdorf Goodrobot.

6. This is Astro’s new look:

7. There is absolutely no reason Elroy Jetson’s name can’t be changed to “Yeezus.”

8. That little flying car is cute and all, but can it look a little more like this?

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