’80s soundtrack gods Tangerine Dream cover the ‘Stranger Things’ theme

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's Stranger Things score became one of the most acclaimed elements of the hit Netflix series this summer, with many noting the debt owed to electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream, who famously crafted synth-driven soundtracks for such classic/cult '80s films as Risky Business, Legend, Near Dark and Three O'Clock High in addition to releasing over 100 albums over the course of their nearly five-decade career. 

“We listen to a lot of Tangerine Dream and they did a ton of soundtracks,” said Dixon in a recent interview with Salon. “There”s a few key soundtracks by them that definitely influenced us in a lot of ways, like Thief and Sorcerer.”

Well, the group clearly caught wind of the reference, as over the last several days the trio — currently consisting of Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Ulrich Schnauss — have released three tracks on Soundcloud that pay tribute to the series, which owes such a huge aural debt to the group's '70s and '80s output. Two of them appear to be variations on the show's main theme, while I like to think that the other — titled simply “;-) II” — is a soundtrack pitch for the show's recently-announced second season (or not).

It's worth noting that while Tangerine Dream continues to release new music, the group's sole remaining original member, Edgar Froese, died in January of last year. Too bad he didn't live to hear Dixon and Stein's loving homage to his work.