9 completely awesome ‘Breaking Bad’ behind-the-scenes photos

Are you still going through “Breaking Bad” withdrawal? There is probably an actual support group for that, but in the meantime, this collection of behind-the-scenes photos might help. They come courtesy of Andy Voegeli, who was a camera operator on the show. Andy tweeted a bunch of his favorite shots from the set, and they are truly fantastic. See for yourself, why don’t you?

Bryan Cranston prepares to act, like a proper thespian:

Aaron Paul gets into character while being bathed in sickly green light:

Look, Jesse and Walt are best buddies!

This is what Bryan Cranston wore on his first day of directing:

And a black and white version, because, art:

A sad state of affairs for our pink friend:

Smiley R.J. Mitte!

Aaron Paul’s wrap tattoo:

And the most dignified chihuahua:

(via Andy Voegeli)

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