The only 9 SNL cast members to receive Oscar nominations are…

09.27.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

“Saturday Night Live” is back tonight, so how about a bit of trivia? Sure, everyone from Tom Hanks to Ben Affleck has come to SNL for the big publicity burst that helps feed an Oscar campaign, but which cast members over the show's 40-year history have themselves been recognized by the Academy? It's actually a very exclusive club.

Out of some 140 names to set up shop on Saturdays in 30 Rock's Studio 8H, only nine – NINE – have received Oscar nominations. Most of them, naturally, came for performances, though a handful came in peripheral categories like Best Live Action Short and Best Original Song.

And who might join them this year? Chris Rock with a Best Original Screenplay bid for “Top Five?” Bill Hader for a beloved performance in “The Skeleton Twins?” Or will the modest size of this list continue to prove that gaining entry into this pantheon is no simple chore?

One more thing: None of these folks actually won the award, leaving us to wonder: Who will be the first-ever “Saturday Night Live” cast member to win an Oscar? Hmmm….

Click through the gallery story below to learn more. Save it all up for some idle bar trivia and maybe you'll impress your friends the next time SNL comes up as a topic of conversation.

The 40th season of “Saturday Night Live” kicks off tonight with “Guardians of the Galaxy's” Chris Pratt hosting. Be there or be square.

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