A new ‘Ask Drew’ gives the spotlight to underrated filmmakers and more

Three down, and as many more to go as you guys are willing to play along with, and so far, “Ask Drew” seems to be fun.

I'm looking forward to the week where I am asked a question that simply short circuits me on-camera and you guys get to see my impression of a chicken trying to speak Mandarin Chinese. I know it's going to happen. It's inevitable. But so far, so good. I've got such a fun video team to work with these days that this becomes a game when we shoot it. They've been great about curating the questions so far, coming up with a real mix of stuff.

I was a little surprised to see a question this week about one of my screenwriting projects, but that's certainly fair game. I could write a book about things not to do if you actually want to get your films made, and if my experiences can help anyone as they navigate a business that rarely makes rational sense, then I'm happy to share.

This week's Movie God was a very easy one for me, and that's sort of the way the game works. Questions that seem difficult can sometimes hinge on a very simple choice, while match-ups that look like they'd be easy to sort out cause my entire brain to cramp.

The subject of the Motion/Captured Podcast came up, and as a result, I had a conversation today with the production team to talk about setting up a new pipeline that would allow us to put the show on a more regular schedule. Part of the issue has to do with my co-host on the show, and part of the issue was because of me handling the post-production myself. There are only so many hours in the day, and things would inevitably get in the way, or I'd run into some other technical issue that I couldn't solve.

I'll shoot the next one of these on the 27th of May, so you've got from now until the Memorial Day weekend to send your questions to video@hitfix.com.

As always, thanks for playing.