A sense of cerebral silliness filled Craig Ferguson’s ‘Late Late Show’

A sense of cerebral silliness filled Craig Ferguson”s “Late Late Show”
“Over its 2,000-plus episodes,  Ferguson”s 'Late Late Show' became the sort of had-to-be-there joke that remained grateful to any newcomers who wanted to be there too,” says Hank Stuever, a one-time Ferguson guest. “Ratings stayed consistent at around a million-and-a-half viewers each night. Loyal fans were particularly devoted (for evidence of this, look no further than the show”s meticulously and lovingly tended Wikipedia page). Even if Ferguson wasn”t your particular cup of tea, it was impossible not to pick up on the show”s sense of cerebral silliness and joy. Starlets and accomplished actresses were often like putty in his hands. His male guests would frequently turn giddy. Writers almost always wound up talking about something besides their new book.” PLUS: Ferguson”s “Late Late” was its own unique beast, no other talk show host had this level of intimacy with his viewers, Ferguson and Stephen Colbert shared a lot in common, Ferguson was one fan”s sober guiding light, watch a montage of Craig's monologues, the best of Kristen Bell, Ferguson”s most-memorable moments, Ferguson had the ability to combine heart with humor, Ferguson was the best interviewer and loved anarchy, and he”ll be remembered for his storytelling, curiosity, physicality and attraction to risk.

New “Amazing Race” twist: Blind date couples
Next season will be composed of all dating couples, five of whom are on blind dates. PLUS: Former New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight will compete with his boyfriend next season.

Coming to TLC: “My Husband”s Not Gay”
The January special focuses on four Mormon men who are attracted to other guys, even though three of them are married to women.

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Did James Franco predict “The Interview” controversy on “30 Rock”?
A January 2010 episode has guest-star Franco saying his movie will never be released “because my performance will be deemed ‘too provocative for America.””

“Scandal”s” inspiration is helping Sony through its crisis
Judy Smith is advising Sony on how to deal with the criticism over dropping “The Interview.”

“SNL” historian predicts Pete Davidson will become the next Adam Sandler
“Live From New York” co-author James Andrew Miller says: “If you had to place a bet on who will become a Sandler 5 years from now,  I'd go with Pete Davidson. He is going to have a long, interesting career.”

Watch Paula Deen”s bizarre holiday video
Featuring a lot of bacon and bourbon.

College writing class will use “Orange is the New Black” as its “textbook”
Assistant Professor Kim Lacey”s general-education English course at Saginaw Valley State University is using the Netflix series to focus on writing about oppression.