Aaliyah’s family denies posthumous new album rumors

08.07.12 7 years ago

Although R&B star Aaliyah died in 2001, her unreleased recordings have long been the subject of rumors and speculations, but it may be a while before any new material sees the light of day… if it ever does at all.

The release of “Enough Said,” featuring the singer, via Drake’s blog earlier this week re-ignited rumors of a potential new album made up of unreleased material, but Aaliyah’s family seems to be against the idea.

The late singer’s brother Michael commented on the likelihood of a release. “There is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family,” he wrote on Aaliyah”s official Facebook page.

However, he later posted, “Do you want an Aaliyah album? If so, Who should executive produce it or be featured on it? The Haughton Family would love to hear what her FANS have to say?”

It’s unclear if his second statement is a reversal of the family’s stance or merely a inquiry to stoke fans’ musical fantasies. “Enough Said” set off a number of rumors about Drake exec producing an entire album, with or without the help of longtime Aaliyah associates Timbaland and Missy Elliot. Even with such potential A-list talent involved, Aaliyah’s family may still reject the idea.

Never say never though, as unreleased and unfinished songs always seem to find a way to commercial release. 

Do you want to hear more unreleased material from Aaliyah?

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