ABC and Marvel explore the secret past of Emily Thorne in ‘Revenge’ graphic novel

(CBR) Marvel Comics and ABC will follow up their collaborative “Once Upon a Time” comic book efforts this fall with an original graphic novel set in the world of the television network’s soapy thriller “Revenge.”
Announced over the weekend via USA Today, the comic book tie-in to the hit show will arrive in stores this September, filling viewers in on the back story of series protagonist Emily Thorne.
“The parts of the history we’re bursting to tell is the origin of the woman you see that shows up in the pilot, as differentiated from the girl who was thrown into (juvenile detention) when her dad was taken from her,” “Revenge” executive producer Sunil Nayer told USA Today.
“We’re going to the beginning where when things don’t fall into place, she has to think fast on her feet,” added the OGN’s co-writer, Erica Schultz. “And she doesn’t have the experience she has on the show, so there’s going to be more mistakes and fumbles. [The Emily on the TV show is] the sum of all the lessons learned and beatings taken in this graphic novel.”

The OGN, co-written by Schultz and TV series writer Ted Sullivan with art by Vincenzo Balzano and Dustin Nguyen, goes on sale Sept. 3.