‘Nebraska’ producer among newly elected first-time Academy Governors

Election results for the Academy's Board of Governors have been revealed for 2014-2015, yielding five first-timers and eight reelected incumbents. Additionally, four previous governors are returning to the Board.

First-timers include Kate Amend (Documentary Branch), Daniel R. Fellman (Executives Branch), “Nebraska” producer Albert Berger (Producers Branch), Bob Rogers (Short Films and Feature Animation Branch) and “Aladdin” and “The Fifth Element” sound editor Mark Mangini (Sound Branch).

Reelected are actress Annette Bening (Actors Branch), Lora Kennedy (Casting Directors Branch), “Inception” costumer Jeffrey Kurland (Costume Designers Branch), “Green Hornet” and “2 Guns” editor Michael Tronick (Film Editors Branch), Leonardo DiCaprio's hair stylist Kathryn Blondell (Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch), Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs (Public Relations Branch) and “Field of Dreams” writer/director Phil Robinson (Writers Branch).

Governors returning after a hiatus are “Passion of the Christ” director of photography Caleb Deschanel (Cinematographers Branch), “Glory” and “Blood Diamond” director Edward Zwick (Directors Branch), “Nightmare on Elm Street” composer Charles Bernstein (Music Branch) and “Bruce Almighty” visual effects supervisor Bill Taylor (Visual Effects Branch).

Each branch is represented by three governors who may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. Those not up for reelection who continue to serve include actors Ed Begely Jr. and Tom Hanks, cinematographers John Bailey and Dante Spinotti, directors Kathryn Bigelow and Michael Mann and executives Dick Cook and Amy Pascal.