AC/DC shakeup: Brian Johnson feels he got ‘kicked to the curb’

Many in the hard rock world were shook all night long when word came out that AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was told by doctors to stop touring immediately because he faces major hearing problems. But just days removed from this announcement, Johnson is changing his tune, and it's starting to look like he was booted from the band.

According to Johnson”s friend, comedian and broadcaster Jim Breuer, the singer “feels like he just kind of got kicked to the curb.” Breuer broke the news during an interview on The Metal In Me podcast.  

Breuer added, “He was depressed. I”ve never seen him down before. He”s really depressed.”

This is the second departure from the legendary band in recent years. In 2014, founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young had to retire due to dementia.

Johnson joined AC/DC in 1980 following the death of the band”s then lead singer Bon Scott. His first effort with the group was the mega-seller “Back In Black,” an album that has since gone on to sell 50 million copies world wide. Johnson has served as lead singer for 12 AC/DC albums, selling nearly 120 million copies.  

Johnson claims the hearing issues have nothing to do with the high decibel performances the band is known for. Rather, he told Howard Stern in a 2014 interview that his problems stem from not wearing proper protection while driving race cars.

“I”ve got hearing loss in me left ear. I didn”t get it from music. I got it from sitting in a race car too long without ear plugs. I heard my ear drum burst, because I forgot to put me plugs in under my helmet. That”s how it happened. Music had nothing to do with it.”

The band is rescheduling 10 of their upcoming shows on their Rock or Bust world tour.

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