‘Action Movie Kid’ Will Melt Your Cynical Heart

The dad behind this new YouTube channel is gunning for 'Parent of the Year' with all these adorable bite-sized videos. Starting about a month ago, he began uploading short snippets that would probably work as Vines if not for the lovingly crafted effects he created to visualize his three-year-old son's imagination. 

The most recent video casts his son as the cutest Batman to ever fight crime.

And this one has him being the most adorable Sith Lord to ever subjugate the masses.

And here he gives a game of 'The Floor Is Hot Lava' deadly realism.

He even helps realize the dream of being an astronaut during a trip to McDonalds.

And Action Movie Kid is still going strong. There are a handful more videos on their YouTube channel – all just as quick and clever as these – with the promise of more to come!