Exclusive Cover Reveal: The McElroy Bros. ‘The Adventure Zone’ Makes The Jump From Podcast To Comics

Senior Contributor

The McElroy brothers are widely known for My Brother, My Brother and Me, and other podcasts (and pushing you to chase your dreams). Among nerds, they may be best known for The Adventure Zone, a podcast where they attempt to play a tabletop fantasy game with their dad, along with the input of thousands of listeners. As you might guess, it doesn’t exactly unfold according to Gygax. Which is why, right before San Diego Comic Con, we’ve got an exclusive look at the cover of the graphic novel, arriving in July of next year.

In the classic vein of Dungeons & Dragons parodies, the story finds Taako the elf wizard, Merle the dwarf cleric, and Magnus the human warrior handed an epic quest for which they are absolutely, manifestly unqualified. Nonetheless, they must attempt nobly to fulfill their destiny, or at least try not to get distracted from it too much. So in other words it’s like most D&D games.

The podcast is genuinely fun; if you’ve ever played tabletop RPGs, it feels exactly like listening in on one of those sessions, warts and all. We’re excited for the comic, and the McElroys will be at San Diego at the First Second Booth #2802 on Saturday, 12 noon. Keep an eye out for the ticketed meet-n-greet, and of course, more about the book, arriving next year.

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