‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Tops This Week’s Geeky TV

After the less-than-stellar run of Inhumans, Agents of SHIELD took over its Friday time slot and it had a lot to prove. And it proved it, with one hell of a twist. Now SHIELD, or what’s left of it, has to figure out what to do faced with a predicament unlike any other. Spoilers below!

Here, have a parting GIF:

Still here? Yeah, so, Earth done went boom, and our heroes, except for Fitz, were put in front of a monolith similar to the one that abducted Simmons, but that throws people through time instead of space. So now, they’re stuck both trying to figure out a way back from the future while Fitz, for his part, has to figure out how to keep the entire planet from cracking like a giant iron egg. So he’s in a race against time, but his friends and coworkers, they just have to fight off the Kree in a half-assed space station held together with duct tape. Surely that’s not a problem right? We’ll find out this Friday, December 8th, at 9pm ET. So what else is on this week?