Alec Baldwin and Patrick Wilson will get ‘Caught Stealing’ in noir thriller

Now that “30 Rock” has ended, Alec Baldwin found way to make money — by stealing it.

Baldwin and Patrick Wilson (“Young Adult”) are in talks to star in Myriad Pictures’ comic noir thriller “Caught Stealing” from Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky (“DeadFall,” “The Counterfeiters”). 

 Wilson will play Hank Thompson, a hopeless NYC bartender who finds himself in the middle of a dangerous treasure hunt after agreeing to look after his shady neighbor’s cat. The feline’s cage contains a key wanted by a crooked cop (Baldwin), Russian gangsters, a Samoan hit man, and others. 

“Caught Stealing” is based on the first book in a series by Charlie Huston, which also includes “Six Bad Things” and “A Dangerous Man.” David Hayter (“X-Men,” “Watchmen”) is writing the script.

Baldwin will reunite with director Woody Allen for the upcoming “Blue Jasmine,” so-starring Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale and Louis C.K. 

Wilson, recently seen in a small role in “Prometheus,” will soon star opposite Vera Farmiga in James Wan’s “The Conjuring.”