Alex Pettyfer on being a ‘hopeless romantic’ and the making of ‘Endless Love’

Conveniently, Alex Pettyfer — the dreamy star of the hopelessly romantic “Endless Love’s” — is a hopeless romantic himself.

Directed by Shana Feste (“Country Strong”), “Endless” centers on a young man (Pettyfer) who’s hopelessly in love with with a wealthy girl (Gabriella Wilde). They run into conflict when her conservative father (Bruce Greenwood) adamantly opposes their coupling. 

HitFix’s Katie Hasty sat down with Pettyfer to discuss the new film, Valentine’s Day, his favorite romantic movies and the possibilities of “Magic Mike 2.”

When asked about how he approached the role, Pettyfer explains, “I think that’s its just being young and in love. I’m 23-turning-24 and I want to act like I’m 30. I think going back to do ‘Endless Love,’ it was all about…thinking like an 18-year-old. Shana’s guidance was just to go with it, to be a child.”

The film opened on Valentine’s Day. “I’m a hopeless romantic,” Pettyfer admits. “I love ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Bridget Jones,’ all those movies. To make one is extraordinary and I’m glad I’ve done it.”

“Endless Love” is a remake of Franco Zeffirelli’s 1981 film which starred Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt. It also stars Joely Richardson, Emma Rigby and Robert Patrick

“Endless Love” is in theaters now.