Watch: Alicia Keys and her changing hairdo in ‘Brand New Me’ video

12.17.12 6 years ago

Alicia Keys has had enough of you telling her what to do.

In the video clip for “Brand New Me,” Keys, sporting a full, curly hair-do, as opposed to the sleek bob she”s been seen in recently, walks around a stage singing the song about finding herself and empowerment.

Her sense of self discovery is none too subtle. As she walks along some props, she sits down alongside a klieg light that turns on as she sings to it. Then she looks into a mirror at the Brand New Alicia. She pulls off the wig her handler has insisted she wear at the beginning of the video.

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Her emotional delivery is the star here.  And the fact that the hair underneath the wig seems perfectly mussed and looks great instead of all matted.

She returns to her handler at the end with her shorter locks. He looks away, wordless, as the words “The journey continues….” appear on the screen.

It”s to Keys” credit that she has the charisma and performing chops to pull off a video that rests solely on her slender shoulder.

“Brand New Me” is the new single from “Girl On Fire,” Keys’ fifth studio album. The set debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 a two weeks ago.


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