From ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ To ‘Stranger Things’: The San Diego Comic-Con Trailers, Ranked

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07.24.17 7 Comments

Netflix/Marvel/Warner Bros.

Now that the smoke (of B.O.) has finally cleared from the San Diego Convention Center — where Comic-Con International held its 2017 gathering for fans, reporters, studios and vendors — let’s take stock of all the major trailer reveals for what’s to come. A lot of major movies and television shows put on their best game faces this weekend, including the crowd-pleasing second preview for Thor: Ragnarok to the highly anticipated Stranger Things season two trailer. When compared alongside each other, however, how do these visual teases rank? All of the possible answers to this question are subjective, of course, but we threw caution to the wind and ranked the highlights for you anyway.

10. Bright

Whether or not director David Ayer’s Bright proves to be the blockbuster film Netflix wants (and needs) remains to be seen. Judging by the trailer released in San Diego (and subsequently online), however, all of the comparisons between Ayer’s End of Watch and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings fantasy novels are beginning to make sense. After all, Smith’s African-American human cop (Daryl Ward) pairing up with Joel Edgerton’s “diversity hire” Orc (Nick Jakoby) isn’t something you’d find in either property. But together? Throw in some fairies, elves and a dangerously magical wand and sure, why not?

9. Star Trek: Discovery

Depending on who you ask, CBS All Access’ gamble on Star Trek: Discovery is either a great idea… or not. The new series has plenty of Star Trek legacies working in front of and behind the camera, though a cagey reveal regarding the show’s timeline (and its Game of Thrones-like willingness to kill off major characters) has tempered some fans’ views ahead of its September 24th premiere. So did the new Comic-Con trailer do anything to abate these concerns? Maybe, maybe not. As with the first teaser, Trekkies had all kinds of opinions about Discovery‘s more reboot-like look.

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