This is how Allison Janney stores all her Emmy Awards

LOS ANGELES – Allison Janney plays the mom in “Mom,” which earned her a 2014 Emmy Award for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the ceremony on Monday night. Her own mom tried to dish her some advice on what to wear to the show.

“My mother is always less-is-more. She's very simple, classic, elegant. I probably take a lot more risks fashion-wise than my mother always did,” Janney told press backstage, mentioning that her mom asked, prior to Janney's departure to the honors: “'Darling do you have a shrug or something for your shoulders?'”

For her own character Bonnie on “Mom,” Janney said that she draws from a number of different people in her life to make the “amalgamation.”

“She's not anything like my mother, or like me. Which is very freeing… unapologetically bold and brash and no boundaries. She's enormously fun to play. It feeds me fuel. Go bigger or go home.”

Janney also took home a completely separate Emmy Award last week, for her guest appearance on “Masters of Sex,” bringing the total number of earned Emmys to six. Where does she keep them all?

“They're above my television, the four I have for 'The West Wing.' And I started looking at them up there and they're all evenly spaced. And I said, I better psychically make room for some more, open up room for them,” Janney said. “So I moved them all over, like 'I actually could fit a couple more up there.' I used to not have them out at all…”

And now her newest statue will be “with her other sisters.

Watch the rest of the video above for more from Janney, on Bonnie's “questionable” actions, checking out her Twitter feed, the social awareness around depression in the wake of Robin Williams' death, and how “Masters of Sex” is actually hysterical.