‘It’s Always Sunny’ Gives Dennis The ‘Making A Murderer’ Treatment With Its Latest Preview

The idea that Dennis Reynolds is a murderer or serial murderer on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This includes the D.E.N.N.I.S. system, his interest in eating a dog soup from this week’s episode, and just the several moments throughout the series where he has lost his cool and his real self comes out. It will be a disappointment if it never comes out that Dennis is a murderer, but it seems that the show is ready to tackle the subject with its February 1st episode.

As we talked about in one of our In Theory videos, the Dennis is a murderer “theory” is really just a foregone conclusion that has yet to be addressed on the show. Each character has had their dark bits exposed, so it’s about time that Dennis has to face the music. Then again, why would he care? He certainly doesn’t seem like he gives much concern to the trouble in the preview for the episode above. Unlike Steve Avery in Making A Murderer, Dennis doesn’t have that blue collar charm. He does have a noted love for wrestling, so maybe he and Charle will be sharing the Brendan Dassey characteristics.

There’s a lot to love about this preview — and hopefully the episode — from the true crime documentary feel, the return of the Ponderosa family, and the continuing descent of Maureen Ponderosa into her cat persona. Everybody the gang touches seems to fall into their own pit along the way.

And as for my favorite Dennis Reynolds murderer moments, you have to go with “The Implication” from the Hurricane episode. Be happy that Jackie Denardo escaped the store unscathed.

(Via FXX)