Amazing News: Blake Griffin and Danielle Fishel did a ‘Space Jam’ live-read last night

As if you needed another reason to miss Roger Ebert, Roger Ebert once called “Space Jam” a “happy marriage of good ideas” and awarded it three-and-a-half out of four stars. Talk about a legacy!

Speaking of “Space Jam,” the 1996 live-action/animation hybrid starring Michael Jordan got the live-read treatment at L.A.'s UCB theater on Sunday night with the help of such comic luminaries as Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer and the always-hilarious Danielle Fishel, along with a couple of sports-type people called Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, who apparently play for an L.A. basketball team called the Clippers. Which is weird, because I thought L.A.'s basketball team was called the Lakers, but there you go. Also, I know pretty much nothing about sports. Unless, of course, “Mid-'90s Movie Trivia” is considered a sport, in which case I actually know a lot.

Watch a brief clip from the R. Kelly-assisted performance below.

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