Amber Heard loves her character’s unapologetic sexuality in ‘3 Days To Kill’

Amber Heard played Luc Besson’s latest femme fatale in the forthcoming action-thriller “3 Days to Kill” – and she loved every minute of it.

“[Co-screenwriter] Luc Besson and [director] McG both have had a long history of making strong female characters that they do not apologize for,” said Heard, who plays the beautiful and mysterious CIA agent Vivi. “And I felt protected in that sense, because Vivi is the character that is…that does not apologize for her sexuality, nor is she defined by it.”

Not only does she get to wear lots of great wigs in the movie, Heard also gets to act opposite screen legend Kevin Costner, who plays a former Secret Service agent Vivi corrals into taking one last job.

“The one thing that we aimed to do in Vivi and Ethan’s relationship is have them be worthy adversaries to one another,” said Heard of working with Costner on their characters’ on-screen chemistry. “That is what compels them to and away from each other.”

To hear more from Heard, including what attracted her to the role of Vivi in the first place, click on the video above.

“3 Days to Kill” hits theaters this Friday.