‘American Crime Story: Katrina’ Is Currently ‘Stalled,’ Raising Questions About The Status Of The Season

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Travolta eyebrow acting showcase American Crime Story reshuffled the order of their seasons earlier this year placing the anthology’s Katrina season on the back burner with the the FX smash’s exploration of the murder of Gianni Versace now tapped to follow The People v. O.J. Simpson. An observation shared during Saturday’s portion of the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour seems to forecast that American Crime Story season on Hurricane Katrina has a rather vague future.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, director Anthony Hemingway was asked about the status of ACS: Katrina. Hemmingway shared that progress is at a relative standstill at the moment.

“That just kind of got stalled,” he said. “We’re all standing by waiting to find out what’s happening.”

Tackling a subject like Hurricane Katrina, its aftermath and the human beings involved is certainly ambitious if vulnerable to delays. Still, the hold-up is definitely noticeable. The series already has a star-studded cast lined up and it’s not like Ryan Murphy hasn’t juggled things as a perma-busy executive producer before, so there’s bound to be questions about the state of the production. Hemmingway doesn’t know if the stalled season means it’s a scrapped project (“Who knows? It’s all up to Ryan Murphy,”), but he does know how far along they are at this stage.

“Nothing has really been done,” explained Hemmingway. “We haven’t started prep on it at all,”

American Crime Story obsessives will be reacquainted with the anthology series in early 2018 when the Versace season lands. Your guess is as good as ours (and Anthony Hemmingway’s) on when/if that Katrina season will come our way. Maybe the Monica Lewinsky season of ACS will bump Katrina further down the schedule.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)