‘American Gods’ May Break Bryan Fuller’s Cancellation Curse

Being a Bryan Fuller fan is both a blessing and a curse. While your fandom is gifted with beautiful and complex shows that will ruin your life in the best way possible, you will also feel the pain of having that love affair cut short. At three seasons, Hannibal is thus far the longest running Fuller show, but even that was cancelled on a cliffhanger. However, everyone who is still weeping over how the Pie Maker’s story ended on Pushing Daisies, take heart. Starz is going all in on Fuller’s latest, American Gods.

American Gods has been both a critical and commercial hit for Starz, so they are very interested in staying in the Fuller business. At Friday’s Television Critic Association’s panel, network boss Chris Albrecht had encouraging words for fans of the mind bending show.

“We are certainly on board for as long as the show makes sense for Starz, and we don’t see any end in sight. It’s a difficult show to do, a lot of people to wrangle, so I can’t tell you exactly when the next season is going to be on the air. We’re actively pursuing making sure we get it as soon as possible.”

Sure, we’re still waiting on an official release date for season two, but at least we know that there’s no slowing these deities down. Now, can we get an update on that potential Hannibal season, pretty please?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)