‘American Gods’ Debuts Some Clever, And Promising, Opening Credits

American Gods is combining two nerd forces into one TV show, with master showrunner Bryan Fuller adapting Neil Gaiman’s best-selling novel for Starz. And now we’ve got a look at the opening credits, which are full of little nods for fans.

For those unfamiliar, American Gods follows Shadow, a man mourning the death of his wife who takes a job protecting Mr. Wednesday, seemingly a con-man who turns out to have ties to gods both old and new. As human beings’ priorities shift, it turns out, new gods rise up to be worshiped, but the old aren’t just going to fade off so easily. Shadow quickly finds himself in the middle of a god war that he either has to solve or at least get out of the way of. If you’ve read the book, you’ll notice in the credits there’s a nod to both old and new gods that pop up in the book; for everyone else, we’ll refrain from spoilers.

In other words, it’s ideal visual fodder for Fuller, whose sumptuous approach to television could make even a buffet made entirely of humans seem almost appetizing. So we’ll be curious to see just where the show goes, and how it manifests some of Gaiman’s ideas about gods we worship and our priorities. American Gods airs on Starz starting April 30th.

(via Starz)