‘American Idol’s’ Candice Glover: ‘I’m a hopeless romantic’: Interview

“Cried,” the official first single from “American Idol” Season 12 winner Candice Glover”s forthcoming  “Music Speaks,  came out last week and it gave listeners a taste of what to expect from her forthcoming debut.

Though she didn”t write the gorgeous ballad, The Underdogs” produced tune speaks for her. “When you have been through it or not, and I have, you”re wearing your heart on your sleeve so people can connect to it. This guy just doesn”t love you any more and you”re tried so hard to understand,” she says. “That”s the part of love that all of us wish we hadn”t been through.”

The love theme plays prominently on “Music Speaks,” which will come out Feb. 18. “Love is one of my favorite things to talk about,” she says. “Every song will be about losing it or finding it, seeing a guy and not knowing if you want to tell him how you feel yet. I guess I”m a hopeless romantic.”

Glover”s coronation single, the uplifting “I Am Beautiful,” debuted at No. 5 on Billboard”s R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs chart.

Though “American Idol” winners usually release an album shortly after they win their title, Glover”s set has been pushed back a few times-originally from the summer to the fall and now to February. She blames herself for the delay.  “I”m such a perfectionist. That showed while I was on [‘Idol”]. Every week the contestants would practice their songs and I would be locked up in my room, making sure every single note and everything was perfect. I didn”t want to rush the album.”

The extra time has allowed Glover to consider a wider range of songs and even to include two tunes that she co-wrote, “Forever That Man,” and “Three Little Words.”

Additionally, the slower process has allowed her to get used to being in a recording studio. “Before I won ‘American Idol,” I”d never been in a professional studio at all,” the South Carolina native says. “I”m getting more used to it. I”m really weird though, I sing way better in a crowd of 3,000. It”s easier than singing in front of 2. I have them turn off the lights [in the recording booth]. I like it to be completely jet black in there. It helps me. Then I can make all the ugly faces I want to make.”