American Music Awards 2014 Live-Blog

Get ready to have your hair blown back by the 2014 American Music Awards. Broadcast live on ABC from The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, there's promise of lots of Iggy Azalea — the night's nominations leader — opening act Taylor Swift, singer Ariana Grande, a Lil Wayne sighting and more

Follow along in our live blog below.

5:00pm EST: Did you know the American Music Awards are three hours long? That's why this intro is 15 minutes long.

5:02: Taylor Swift's “Blank Space is up first. If you're not familiar, it's the new single from her runaway hit album “1989” and is by far her CRAZY-CRAZIEST-EYED song ever. How many men will she kill in this performance?

5:04 I lost count of dead ex-lovers. Is this “Fury?” Did you see that perfectly set of crazy eyes? She's on her knees pulling her best “Bad Romance.” I'm kind of in love with her now, too, I should wear a hazmat suit.

5:06 Pitbull is just shouting buzzwords at me now. Off the chain! Raising roofs! Music, go team, score all the points!

5:08 “Not all Latinos are Mexican. Mexicano!” Pitbull starts. It's like a joke with no punchline. “President Obama said we can all stay.”

5:09 Iggy Azalea is not impressed with Pitbull having admitted watching her “Booty” video hundreds of times in slow motion. Iggy Azalea is a serious artist, Azalea thinks to herself. Iggy Azalea's booty is, like, art.