Amy Poehler will direct another ‘Parks and Recreation’ episode this spring

01.24.13 7 years ago
PARK CITY, UTAH – Amy Poehler’s new big screen comedy “A.C.O.D.” premiered on Wednesday (January 23) night at the Sundance Film Festival.
HitFix was on the red carpet for the dysfunctional family comedy, which also features Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O’Hara and Jessica Alba.
At the end of the interview, I asked Poehler if her work on last season’s acclaimed “Parks and Recreation” episode “The Debate” had changed her perspective on all manner of work going forward. The episode, which Poehler wrote and directed, was one of the show’s most acclaimed episodes.
In her answer, Poehler said that she would be directing on “Parks and Recreation” again this season. That got my ears tingling, because while Poehler has said repeatedly that she *wanted* to direct again — and why wouldn’t she, given how well that first episode turned out — this was the first time I’d heard her say that she was locked in to return behind the camera.
Sources close to the show confirm that Poehler is, indeed, formally set to direct the season’s 19th episode. Story details are still pending. I’m pretty sure nobody else has this info, but I’m hesitant to call it an “exclusive,” even if it is.
Stick around for the full interview, in which Poehler talks about “A.C.O.D.” and her Golden Globes experience in the next couple days.

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