Amy Schumer killed it as Mrs. Coach in ‘Friday Night Lights’ parody

Every bit of last night's “Inside Amy Schumer” season 3 premiere was brilliant (and spoke to why Comedy Central ordered a fourth season yesterday), from the opening musical number “Milk Milk Lemonade” to the all-star sketch that gave the episode its title, “Last F*ckable Day.” But as a TV critic and “Friday Night Lights” fan, I had a particular soft spot for “Football Town Nights,” which reunited Schumer with Josh Charles (her co-star from last year's dead-on Aaron Sorkin parody “The Foodroom”) for a “Friday Night Lights” parody that featured Schumer's incredible Connie Britton impression (helped by the various wine glasses), but had a much bigger topic on its mind: 

See? It is possible to tell rape jokes. You just have to be as smart about it as Schumer and company were here.