Watch: Amy Winehouse haunts Nas in ‘Cherry Wine’ video

Amy Winehouse is back – as an illusion, anyway.

The late songstress, who tragically died last year at the age of 27, makes a ghostly appearance in the new music video for Nas’s “Cherry Wine,” the latest single off the rapper’s critically-acclaimed 2012 album “Life Is Good.”

Taking place inside a classy nightclub, the clip sees a black-and-white projection of Winehouse playing upon a brick wall as a beautiful video vixen flirts with Nas (playing a lovelorn bartender) from across the room. Can he woo the gorgeous woman, or will she be swept off her feet by one of the other interested suitors populating the club?

“Where is he/The man who was just like me/I heard he was hiding somewhere I can’t see,” sings Winehouse, her brassy vocals haunting the dimly-lit space.

Directed by Jay Martin, the handsomely-mounted video would actually feel pretty banal (the simplistic “guy meets girl” narrative isn’t exactly a fresh idea) if it weren’t for the evocative Winehouse-related imagery, which adds a spark of mystery to the proceedings without feeling exploitative of the singer’s memory.

“Cherry Wine” is Nas’ second collaboration with Winehouse after “Like Smoke,” a track released on the posthumous Winehouse compilation “Lioness: Hidden Treasures.”

My grade for the video: B-. After watching it below, rate it for yourself at top left.

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