And don’t forget ‘Fringe’ in your Leonard Nimoy tributes

Leonard Nimoy will always be remembered for “Star Trek” and that's entirely appropriate, because Spock is one of the iconic characters in television history. 

But I've already done one post reminding people that Leonard Nimoy also directed the top-grossing movie of 1987. 

So don't exclude that from your tributes.

And also don't forget “Fringe,” which offered Nimoy one of his last major roles, playing the brilliant William Bell, colleague to John Noble's Walter Bishop. Bell maybe only appeared in a handful of episodes, including a voice-cameo in the show's trippy animated episode, but once the oft-discussed role became associated with Nimoy, his presence infused the rest of the series. Once you had him there once, you never really needed to have him there again on “Fringe” because knowing that William Bell was Leonard Freaking Nimoy meant that you knew William Bell was a force.

Simply put, it was a flawless piece of pie-in-the-sky casting for a show with a small-but-devoted fanbase to land this key guest appearance from the king of all shows with small-but-devoted fanbases and placing Nimoy in the “Fringe” universe benefited that universe tremendously.

As news of Nimoy's passing began breaking on Friday morning, John Noble tweeted this brief tribute: