Watch: Anna Faris talks ‘The Dictator,’ Sacha Baron Cohen and androgyny

Audiences used to the “House Bunny” version of Anna Faris are going to be shocked to see her in “The Dictator.”

The Sacha Baron Cohen satire plays on the actress’ rep as a sex symbol by practically giving her a sexless look overall (in overalls). In her interview with HitFix this week, Faris describes her role as activist and social welfare entrepreneur Zoey as “androgynous. I didn’t want her to be really hip, I just wanted her to be so wrapped up in the passion she feels… as someone who has no time for aesthetic.”

Baron Cohen’s oppressive General Aladeen is nothing but aesthetic and propensity to offend, a character he often kept up even between shoots. But when the makeup and bombastic outfits came off at the end of the day, the “Ali G” originator is “a normal, lovely person. it was always interesting to see that juxtaposition of him in a character,” Faris described.

This is the first time Faris has acted in “outrageous comedies,” though the subject matter may offend someone close to home, name the actress’ mom. “I think audiences… want to see a movie that pushes the envelope… maybe my mom will point out the many things that bothered her.”

“The Dictator” is out on May 16. Check out how Baron Cohen’s Aladeen behaved in New York during a press conference earlier this week.

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