Anna Kendrick’s Charm is on Full Display in “Table 19” Trailer

This is what every Anna Kendrick movie should be. She should be sitting with a bunch of weirdos at a table somewhere (especially if one of those weirdos is June Squibb). I”ve seen Anna Kendrick play passive love interests, and I”ve seen her play hilariously profane women, but she”s more than both those things. And this movie (written and produced by the indie movie gods, the Duplass brothers) looks like it takes advantage of that. This is the side Anna Kendrick she displays on Twitter, both human and better than us. She”s like if Anne Hathaway came across as a genuine person. (By the way, my wife loves Anne Hathaway, so don”t tell her I said that.) Anna Kendrick is already a big deal but she”ll hit America”s treasure status if she keeps going. You know who is America”s treasure? Tom Hanks. She could be the new Tom Hanks. 

I really like her choices. For example, even in the typical moment where she shares an awkward moment with the attractive man with the British accent, her goofy bow out manages to be humble, charming and odd all at once. I can”t say I”m the target audience for this film. It doesn”t have any lasers in it. But it”s oozing sweetness, and it”s hard to argue with that. I”ve seen beautiful people find each other at weddings (both in real life and in movie) plenty of times, but if the bulk of the story features moments like the one where she”s stomp dancing with her wacky Table 19 ensemble, then count me in. Of course, you don't have to come with me, I'll go by myself if I have to.  

Extra credit for the song “Roses” by The Chainsmokers ft Rozes. It instantly transports us inside a romantic comedy.