‘Annabelle’ delivers terrifying new demonic doll trailer for ‘Conjuring’ spinoff

The evil, murderous, doll is a well worn trope in the horror genre, and with good reason – dolls are terrifying.  Even when they are just there in your child's room in the real world, they're terrifying.  You combine that general horror of these not-quite-lifelike things with demonic possession, and, well, things can get really ugly.

We were all introduced to the doll Annabelle last year in “The Conjuring,” and now we are getting awfully close to the release of the prequel, “Annabelle.”  The new movie is due out in October.

As the title suggests, “Annabelle” is focused on the doll in question.  It also features the poor family who are its owners when members of a satanic imbue the doll with an unspeakable terror.

Well, that last bit isn't necessarily entirely true.  The terror is going to be spoken of a lot in the movie.  It is even spoken of in the latest trailer (just click play, but maybe hold a loved one close first).  For instance, Tony Amendola's Father Perez explains to the doll's owners, the Forms (played by Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton), “Sometimes demons can attach themselves to objects,” and when he says “objects,” he means Annabelle.  Even Oscar nominee Alfre Woodard is present in the movie to speak of the evil. 

Due in theaters on October 3rd, “Annabelle” is directed by John R. Leonetti.  It is being produced by James Wan, who directed “The Conjuring.”  Watch the trailer and tell us what you think – is “Annabelle” going to live up to “The Conjuring?”