‘Aquaman’ may have found its leading lady in ‘Magic Mike XXL’s’ Amber Heard

Director James Wan may be courting “Magic Mike XXL” actress Amber Heard to play superpowered queen of Atlantis and Aquaman's leading lady, Mera. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amber Heard is in talks to star in the upcoming “Aquaman” film alongside “Game of Thrones” Jason Momoa. The THR also states that if Heard signs on to play Mera, she will make her first appearance in “Justice League: Part One”, which opens in theaters November 27, 2017. 


Casting Mera is a huge step forward for superhero movies. Mera is not only the love of Aquaman's life, she's also the queen of Atlantis. She has amazing powers and is considered Aquaman's equal. With the “Wonder Woman” movie coming out in 2017, and the casting news that “House of Cards” Robin Wright could be playing Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother and queen of the Amazons, it's about time we get more superpowered ladies on screen. Mera will be a fierce woman to behold and a fantastic compliment to the male-dominated Justice League team.  

“Aquaman” hits theaters July 27, 2018.