Arcade Fire, Spike Jonze collaborating on short film project

04.09.10 9 years ago

How about two Arcade Fire references in one day? OK! This one’s a doozy, a short doozy…

A rep for Spike Jonze confirmed to MTV that the film director is collaborating with Arcade Fire on a short film project. Shooting will be in Austin, Texas, and, according to /Film, some late-teens actors are set to be cast for a plot that’s about “friends growing apart.”

Arcade Fire are apparently still at work at on a third full-length — one of HitFix’s Most Anticipated Albums of the Year — but no word yet if this film will be associated with its launch or promotion. What was originally said to be a spring release, the set is now reportedly going to be dropped in the summer.

A rep for Arcade Fire had not responded to an email for comment by press time.

Jonze told outlets that the Montreal-based band’s breakout album “Funeral” was a cornerstone creative inspiration for him as he developed his last feature-length film, “Where the Wild Things Are.” While neither the band nor its songs were featured in the movie, the song “Wake Up” was used in the official trailer. That soundtrack, instead, featured songs from Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer and former Jonze squeeze Karen O.

Jonze’s made headlines recently, too, for having made a short film with another major music star: Kanye West. Watch and read about “We Were Once a Fairytale.”





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