‘Arrow’ Tackles Gun Violence On This Week’s Geeky TV

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02.15.17 117 Comments

Last week on Arrow, Quentin nailed an interview, Ragman lost his powers, Diggle’s off the hook for the obvious frame job, and the supposedly crafty reporter Ollie has been sleeping with apparently didn’t bother to Google “masked vigilantes” before digging deep into Starling City’s arrow-slinging crazy person. And now this week, the show goes full-bore Green Arrow with an episode about gun violence.

Or maybe Star Trek, since they share a title, but it doesn’t look like Ollie gets stranded on a half-completed set. No, instead, some garden variety terrorist with an AK-47 shoots up the mayor’s office, giving Ollie a change in terms of guilt trips. While this nod to the comic’s past as being unafraid to tackle, or sometimes blunder right into, serious social issues is welcome, um, Ollie, you have two coworkers who run around with firearms. Also, you go crashing into other people’s offices spraying projectiles everywhere all the time, so maybe a little self-awareness would be appropriate here?

That said, hey, at least they get points for effort. While hopefully they acknowledge their limits as an action show, where a lot of people get shot, they’re still trying to ask themselves a few questions. We’ll see how it works tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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