‘Arrow’ Faces A Checkmate On This Week’s Geeky TV

Two weeks ago on Arrow, the show dropped a major bombshell by finally revealing who Prometheus was. Of course, that didn’t solve any of Ollie’s problems, and opened the door to another mystery, both of which will probably come to the fore tonight.

Since it’s revealed in the above trailer, it’s come out that once again a city employee is a supervillain. It’s just that this time it’s not the mayor, but instead the DA, Adrian Chase, which meant comics fans were faked out by the Arrow staff since “Adrian Chase” is usually the alias of the Vigilante, the gun nut running around Starling pumping lead into felons. Which leads us to two questions: What’s Adrian’s beef with Ollie in the first place, and if he’s not the gun-toting homicidal maniac, who is?

The first question appears to be getting answered tonight, as Ollie’s girlfriend is kidnapped and he has to save her, something we’re not giving good odds on. It seems likely, though, that it’s all connected to Ollie’s little adventure in Russia, where killing Dolph Lundgren is taking an appropriately long time, and where Ollie has some connections with Talia Al Ghul, which also raise some eyebrows. We’ll see if Ollie’s past is catching up with him yet again tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?