‘Arrow’ Faces Torture On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on Arrow, Ollie discovered that amazingly his mentor pushing him to kill gangsters back in the day was not a nice person and got abducted by Prometheus, this season’s big bad who turned out to be district attorney Adrian Chase. This week, Adrian is going to torture Ollie, because, you know, after years as a secret agent, vigilante, ninja assassin, gangster, island castaway and punching bag, all it’s going to take to break Ollie Queen is a little pain.

The episode will be divided between the frantic search for Ollie, who despite the bits up above is probably mentally balancing his checkbook out of boredom, and Ollie squaring off in a game of wits against Adrian Chase. Hopefully exactly why Chase couldn’t just shoot Ollie, who he supposedly loathes, in the back of the head while Ollie was using the men’s room will be touched on, because that makes us curious.

Also hopefully answered will be the question of just who the heck Vigilante actually is, as the show pulled a clever bob-and-weave by giving his alter ego to Prometheus. We’ve genuinely got no idea who’s been popping up here and there to fill criminals full of bullets, so hopefully there’s a good answer tonight. We’ll find out at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?