‘Arrow’ Enters A Likely Short Retirement On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week, Arrow tried to make Ollie grow up and admit that he couldn’t be mayor of a city that was textbook urban blight, a violent mugger-maiming vigilante, and a single dad. So he wisely ditched the night job and asked Diggle to take over as Green Arrow. Except Diggle has a degenerative nerve disease, which we assume will come up this episode.

This does, we admit, raise the question of why Ollie can’t retire and let the entire freaking squad of people he’s basically trained into a cohesive team just beat people up. Or, you know, train what’s left of the Star City PD, who have to be hiring from temp agencies at this point, to become hardcore vigilantes. Seriously, Ollie, the FBI is on your case, your kid is a traumatized wreck afraid he’ll lose what little family he has left, and your team has two guys with guns, a genius hacker, a genius engineer, and a trained police detective with actual superpowers. You’ve done what you’re supposed to do, find more competent people to take over your job! Quit and become the Commissioner Gordon!

Obviously Ollie will not do this since, come on, superheroes don’t get to retire even when they’re dead. We’ll find out just how Ollie is forced back into his leather hoodie tonight at 9pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?