‘Arrow’ Keeps Its Promise On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on Arrow, Deathstroke learned what Ra’s Al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn could have already told him: Your children will disappoint you by becoming extremely stabby and ungrateful. But everybody has to learn the hard way, and that’s where we left them. Now, they’ve got to fight off Joe Wilson and his team of mercs, the Jackals, while Diggle has to find the guy stealing all the tech in Star City, which… why are there any tech companies left? Everything gets stolen! Ray Palmer blew up! This city’s economic engine makes no sense whatsoever.

To dig into Deathstroke’s son’s story a bit, the Wilson children don’t really have a great track record of loving their dear old dad. Slade’s son Jericho, in the comics, turns out to be able to take control of the minds of others and winds up with the Teen Titans fighting dear old dad. Meanwhile his daughter Rose, better known as Ravager, well, you can guess from the name how that works out for her, although she too winds up joining the Titans and does the heroic thing for a while. Will Deathstroke have to spank his own kid? We’ll see what happens tonight at 9pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?