‘Arrow’s’ Stephen Amell wants his Iron Man moment

SAN DIEGO – Today, Stephen Amell sat down at a table of Comic-Con journalists wearing a hat with The Flash logo emblazoned on it.

That is to say, the “Arrow” star is feeling pretty cozy about his show's crossover potential in its third season, as “The Flash” kicks off its first this fall.

“Consider that for a second, my first Comic-Con was in 2012 and I was here and there was one comic book TV show that was about to be on air and it was us,” Amell told HitFix. “There are five DC properties on television this fall. The fact that we are able to talk about crossovers is because — and, granted, 99% of it is [“Flash” actor] Grant Guston — we took a character that people really identify with in Barry Allen and boom. Got his own show.”

Amell mentioned that he'll be showing up in “The Flash” pilot, during a big two-night crossover event for the two shows, saying that crossovers are “one of the things you want to happen on TV as a viewer, as a fan.”

“I actually came up with an idea for a crossover on 'The Flash' that's going to be much less publicized, and you'll know it when you see it, and remember that it was my idea,” he laughed, teasing that “a character that we have met in Starling City is going to appear in Central city, we know they're there, and they're gonna reference something that teaches us an Arrow lesson. K?”

So obviously Amell is super-pumped about crossovers. How about the new addition to the “Arrow” cast Brandon Routh, who plays Atom?

“[Routh] is funny, I found myself in our first scene together, he's giving this big speech and I found myself giggling. As Oliver I was pissed but in my head I was giggling a little bit. He's great, super professional and it's an element to the show we haven't had before. It keeps everything fresh.”

Thea — played by Willa Holland — might as well be a new character, with her big familial reveal last season and a whiff of superhero action to come. Amell called Season 3 “Thea-centric,” and said that she'll get her own flashbacks in episode three of the new year. Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance/Black Canary will also continue showing off her badass ways. In fact, Amell's thrilled there are so many action-packed sequences and action-ready co-stars.

“Let's get as many people in the show that can kick ass. Men, women, gay, straight, as many as we can,” he said. “This is a true story: I love when I get the sh*t kicked out of me on the show. Oliver doesn't have super powers, you know what I mean?  We have to believe he's fallible, he's vulnerable, that the world is dangerous.”

Furthermore, “Us not getting nominated for stunt coordination at the Emmys is such horshesh*t on such a high level. And I don't mean to talk down about the other shows, but Jesus Christ, c'mon guys. I'm very proud about our stunts.”

Part of Oliver's vulnerability includes his efforts to keep those who don't know his secret identity safe; Amell says that while that tension will still be a part of the show this season, he wouldn't mind a few extra hours in the makeup chair.

“I really hope we get to a point in the show where I pull a Tony Stark at the end of 'Iron Man,' like, 'Hey guys, I'm the Arrow, everybody, OK?' Hood down, mask off. That way I wouldn't have to get the eye makeup on anymore.”

“Arrow” returns to the CW on Oct. 8; “The Flash” premieres on Oct. 7.