Arrow vs. Batman, Amell vs. Affleck — who would win?

While at a recent convention, “Arrow” actor Stephen Amell said that if Batman were to ever guest star on “Arrow”, the Green Arrow would beat him in a fight. While he said this in complete jest, with no direct comparison to Ben Affleck, let's take a fun look at who would win in a fight, if the television version of Arrow did cross paths with the cinematic version of Batman. 

According to Comicbook.com, Stephen Amell was asked some questions about DC Comics character crossovers and hypothetical fights, while at Heroes Villains Fan Fest, a convention which recently took place in San Jose. The questions started out with whether or not The Joker would ever appear on “Arrow”. Amell answered that:

“Well, I mean, the short answer is yes, of course. The Joker could come to Arrow, Batman could come to Arrow, Superman could show up on The Flash. There”s a whole myriad of options because again DC and WB have a slate of films coming up, and those films happen, and maybe Arrow”s still around when they”re done. Or maybe there”s a change and people are just like, ‘You know what, let”s invest in something that”s doing well for us.” So you never know.”

This response was well delivered, considering DC Comics and Warner Bros. have made it clear that their television shows are separate from their films. Warner Bros. is even calling their DC Comics properties the “DC Extended Universe” (DCEU), as opposed to what Marvel calls their integrated television and films characters — the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU).

Since Amell brought up the possibility of Batman coming on to “Arrow”, a fan then asked who would win a fight: The Green Arrow or Batman — to which Amell replied:

“Me. What do you want me to say? Well, Batman”s more experienced and his costumes cooler, and Arrow”s just a ripoff, so Batman would win for sure. No, I would win, absolutely.” 

This brings us to our question: Since Stephen Amell is playing the only Green Arrow in the DCEU, and Ben Affleck is playing the only grown up Batman in the DCEU, who would win? 

Stephen Amell has been playing the Green Arrow longer, does that mean he could overpower the Dark Knight? Ben Affleck's job in “Batman v Superman” is to take down Superman, so does that mean he could defeat Stephen Amell? Stephen Amell does most of his own stunts on “Arrow”, does that mean he would win? Affleck has previous experience fighting as superhero when he previously played Matt Murdoch in Marvel's “Daredevil”, does that mean he would come out on top?

Weigh in your thoughts in the comments below and let us know, in hand to hand combat, who would win: Stephen Amell's Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, or Ben Afflecks Batman/Bruce Wayne. May the best dark, brooding, superhero vigilante win! 

“Arrow” airs Wednesday nights on The CW, “Batman v Superman” hits theaters March 25, 2016.