Maisie Williams Criticized Jon Snow For ‘Thinking With His Penis’ On ‘Game Of Thrones’


Arya and Sansa finally reunited in Game of Thrones‘ season seven after spending way too many episodes apart. They even schemed together to take down (i.e. kill) Littlefinger. What’s next for the Stark sisters? Maisie Williams wouldn’t give away specifics, but she did tease what’s to come between Arya and Sansa (Sophie Turner) in the show’s eighth and final season, and also criticized Jon Snow for “thinking with his penis” instead of listening to Sansa.

“It’s not often you see a character siding with Sansa who’s not manipulating her,” Williams told Entertainment Weekly. “Last season it was really tough for Sansa because Jon was thinking with his penis and it kind of made Sansa look bitter. This season you see Arya teaming with Sansa and sometimes calling out Jon. It felt nice and powerful to stand next to Sophie. Sophie and I are the tightest of friends when sitting across from anyone, so no acting required.”

As long as they don’t kiss. There’s already enough of that on Thrones.

Williams, who’s been in numerous sword fights but nothing on the level of the Battle of the Bastards, also discussed taking part in her first battle this season, specifically the “most sustained action sequence ever” for a TV show or movie. “I feel like I’ve always been a part of this big show, but in terms of being part of the episodes that really define us, this is my first taste of it,” she said.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 14.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)