Ashanti is writing new music for Tupac biopic

R&B singer Ashanti has confirmed that she”s contributing new songs to the forthcoming Tupac Shakur biopic. 

While promoting her new album “Braveheart,” Ashanti told Complex that her next project will be the yet-to-be-titled film, which is slated to start production in June.

“L.T. Hutton, who actually produced the ‘I Got It” record and ‘Scars” and a bunch of other records on my album, he”s one of the CEO”s over at Morgan Creek [Pictures]. And him and I are gonna be doing like a musical score, or a lot of music, for the Tupac film coming in 2015,” Ashanti said. “[It”s] very premature, early in stages – oh, and John Singleton is gonna be directing. So that”s gonna be sick, so I”m really, really excited about that.”

“Boyz n the Hood” director, John Singleton, has been tasked with re-writing the script, directing and producing the biopic. Singleton directed Tupac in the 1993 film “Poetic Justice.”

The big question now is, who is going to be cast as Tupac? What actor would you like to play the legendary rapper?