‘Ask Drew’ deals with the Oculus Rift and Mad Max in a special Comic-Con episode

If you want to see what chaos looks like, try shooting something with both sound and video on the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con.

Now add in the variables of answering questions you're not prepared to answer with people you know walking by and anxious security guards trying to move you and last-day anxiety from everyone around you and it gets to be pure madness, but the kind that can be an enormous amount of fun if you let it.

I'll be honest… this is probably the first time in the entire history of me covering Comic-Con that you would be able to tape me on a Sunday afternoon and still get me smiling. Part of that is because they scheduled Comic-Con in a way this year that almost made it feel human, and part of it is because I've only recently started seeing someone new, someone who loves all of Comic-Con and who loves it in a way that isn't about coverage or press days or any of that. Because of that, I got a chance to see Comic-Con through her eyes on this trip, and it made it feel like a whole new event. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen how the Oculus Rift made me look like a complete goofball, while she managed to rock it. That pretty much sums up the entire Con, and I'm thrilled to have shared it with her.

So when you see my smile here and you see how much energy I still have left on a Sunday, that's a brand-new Drew you're looking at. I hope you guys enjoyed not just whatever I wrote from Comic-Con but the coverage done by everyone on the entire HitFix team. I am blown away by just how much our video team turned out. Forget about the fact that they do good work every single time… the sheer volume of it was amazing.

Even so, there they were on Sunday, picking questions, running interference with those security guards, making sure we got this done even as San Diego started spitting random little rainstorms on us.

At one point during the piece, you can see me recognize someone behind the camera and call out to them. That was one of my good friends who is also part of Team Andy Serkis. He hung out for a few, thinking I was about to wrap, but then had to get going. We kept rolling because it was Comic-Con, that's the format of the show, and because it was part of the chaos.

I hope you guys enjoy this one, and we'll do another real edition of the show for you verrrrrrry soon. You can submit your questions at video@hitfix.com, and in the meantime, I'm going to go check into plastic surgery to see if they can wipe this delirious grin of my face as I try to adjust back to normal daily life after all the highs that Comic-Con included.