At CBS’ Upfronts, Letterman recalled a ‘2-day, 48-hour phone fight’ he had with Les Moonves

05.14.14 5 years ago

At CBS” Upfronts, Letterman recalled a “2-day, 48-hour phone fight” he had with Les Moonves
It started soon after Moonves joined CBS in 1995, and Letterman says he was convinced that Moonves would be bad news for the network. The two, though, made up, and Moonves has been nothing but supportive of Dave.

Ryan Murphy: “Naya”s coming back next year” to “Glee”
“I don”t think there is a story between Naya and Lea,” he tells “Extra.” “I always marvel at the things that become headline news that most of the time are completely fabricated. Naya”s coming back next year, Lea”s coming back next year, anybody ever in that cast has an open invitation to come back and finish the character they so beautifully started.”

“American Idol” tonight hits Episode 500
Here”s an infographic detailing what”s happened in 500 episodes – 11 judges, 156 finalists. PLUS: Harry Connick Jr. confirms he”ll be back next season.

“Jeopardy!” creates a category for a Broadway costume designer
Six-time Tony winner William Ivey Long will get the honor on Friday of having his very own category, the first for a Broadway costume designer.

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