At Joan Rivers’ star-studded funeral, Hugh Jackman sang and Howard Stern delivered the eulogy

09.08.14 5 years ago

At Joan Rivers” star-studded funeral, Hugh Jackman sang and Howard Stern delivered the eulogy
“She did everything on her own terms,” said Stern, whom Rivers roasted in January at his 60th birthday bash. “She fought the stereotypes that women can”t be funny, they should stay in their place, stay home,” he added. “Courageously, she fought to save her family after her husband”s suicide; she fought to rebuild her career after Johnny banned her from ‘The Tonight Show” and the Fox show was canceled. She fought the bigotry toward gay people.” PLUS: How Prince Charles became friends with Rivers.

“The Simpsons” will be available “officially” in China for the 1st time
Said “Simpsons” boss Al Jean: “Woo hoo! Now we can reveal Springfield is actually in Guangdong province.”

John Oliver goes after “60 Minutes”
“Last Week Tonight” found that the long-running Sunday institution has been putting words in its subjects” mouths. PLUS: Oliver performs a tribute to geckos.

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“Chicago Fire” actress dies after a tree fell on her while she was biking
Molly Glynn, who played a doctor in three episodes of the NBC series last year, died from her injuries on Saturday.

Another daughter accuses “Sons of Guns” star of sexual assault
Stephanie Hayden, who appeared with her father Will Hayden on the Discovery reality show and who came to his defense when he was charged last month, now plans to meet with investigators regarding her alleged sexual abuse, according to TMZ.

George R.R. Martin”s new Westeros book isn”t the one we”ve all been waiting for
“The World of Ice and Fire,” due out Oct. 26, is billed as a “lavishly illustrated” volume spanning from the Dawn Age to the fall of the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen, co-written with the webmasters of

“The Leftovers” had a brilliant first season, but it”s having trouble escaping the shadow of “Lost”
“As much as ‘Leftovers' distinguishes itself,” says Andrew Wallenstein, “don”t be surprised if by the end of its first 10 episodes the realization sets in that while the show may seem to have little in common with “Lost” on the surface, they”re actually very similar shows in some key ways. And that”s frightening to any ‘Leftovers' fan who doesn”t want to see another (Damon) Lindelof production careen off the tracks.” PLUS: “The Leftovers” is TV”s best exploration of depression, the last 40 minutes of the season felt like an entirely different show, “The Leftovers” isn”t like any show ever made, and “The Leftovers” might be the most creatively bold series on television.

The Ohio State Marching Band paid tribute to TV
The world-famous marching band”s show Saturday night television tributes to “Game of Thrones,” “The Office” and “The Brady Bunch.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” finale will be preempted in NYC and Detroit
That”s because the ABC affiliates in those cities will be showing “Monday Night Football” instead.

“Bad Judge”s” showrunner exits over “creative differences”
“Nurse Jackie” co-creator Liz Brixius is departing the NBC series after joining in May.

“American Horror Story” releases a full 60-second glimpse of “Freak Show”
Check out the new extended trailer.

“Parks and Rec” fulfills a Make-a-Wish teen”s dream
Von-Hippel Lindau syndrome sufferer Joshua Ritter described his awesome day on set, where he learned Nick Offerman is very much like Ron Swanson.

Watch a teaser for the “Veronica Mars” web spinoff
Ryan Hansen stars in “Play it Again, Dick.”

“24”s” Yvonne Strahovski takes the Ice Bucket Challenge at the beach
“Never too late,” says the former “Chuck” and “Dexter” star.

Fran Drescher weds
The “Happily Divorced” star married Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai at their home over the weekend.

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