The Directors Of ‘Avengers 4’ Posted A Mysterious Photo After Wrapping Their Shoot


Anthony and Joe Russo have had a lot of fun messing with fans’ heads while shooting the still-untitled fourth Avengers movie. Last month, they posted a cryptic set photo on Twitter of a guy sitting in a chair, with the words “Look hard…” Now they’ve posted another mysterious photo, this time to honor the fact that they just wrapped shooting.

This photo may be even harder to figure out, being as it’s difficult to even parse. It’s a glowing…something against a blue screen. The tweet just says “wrapped.” We don’t know! But we’re sure some smart Marvel-head will crack this case. Or at least there will be a lot of debate on some Reddit channel.

The photo drops only a week-and-change after Chris Evans posted an emotional tweet that some interpreted as confirmation that Captain America is going to eat it in the Infinity War follow-up, which is due next year. It also comes one whole day after the site Comic Book Movie had another theory: that Thanos might not even be the next movie’s biggest threat.

Anyway, Marvel people, put on your thinking caps and be prepared to stare at the blindingly bright object really, really hard, possibly for a super, super long time. Maybe it’s like a Magic Eye picture.